This website was set up to communicate about the multi-faceted, multi-year Developmental Ministry of First Universalist Church of Denver.

A period of "developmental" ministry is a time for congregations to focus attention on big-picture questions that don't have quick technical answers. Questions like, "does our written mission statement still capture our actual mission?" And "is our current governance model serving us well and allowing us to live into our mission?" 

At First Universalist Church, our Board of Trustees saw the need for a Developmental Ministry here, and decided to hire Senior Developmental Minister Rev. Elaine Peresluha in 2019. At that time, the Board also established a Healthy Congregations Team, an Appreciative Inquiry Team, and a Governance Task Force to organize the work of this multi-year project. You can explore those three related but separate initiatives through the tabs at the top of this website.

Our permanent elected committees are the Board of Trustees, the Leadership Development Committee, and the Committee on Ministry. Their page on our website is here.

Sept. 2020 Forging Our Future Overview